SSR Lazer 5 49cc Moped with Pedals

$1,299.00 $1,299.00


Why buy your SSR LAZER 5 Moped from HIGH STYLE MOTORING?

  • Economical to operate with fuel economy at over 100 MPG
  • Park anywhere on campus, at work, the mall or at the beach
  • Simple to operate fully automatic transmission
  • 4 stroke requires no messy mixing of oil and gas and does not billow smoke
  • Most States require no insurance on 49cc mopeds
  • No license needed to operate on the street in many States
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • 4 stroke 49cc pedal mopeds are quieter than the noisy two stroke versions
  • Small size and lightweight design makes them easy to store or transport
  • High Style Motoring has been at their same family operated location since 1987
  • 4 stroke mopeds are kind to the environment
  • Super low priced means of transportation
  • And finally  Buy one now - BECAUSE THEY LOOK COOL !!!

We here at High Style Motoring are excited because the newly redesigned SSR Lazer 5 Moped is here and ready for immediate delivery!

We are now able to ship our brand new 49cc pedal Mopeds in both the stock as well as the high performance 72cc versions.

Since 2009, these mopeds have been our one of our HOTTEST selling products. Many of you know that crazy gas prices have spiked the demand for these 4 stroke fuel efficient mopeds and the previous model years have sold out fast.

We have ordered significantly more units this time in order to get ready for this years riding season. With gas on the rise there is no better time to zip around town with this stylish machine that can get over 100+  M.P.G. and in many cases require no operators license or insurance.

Super affordable mopeds has been our motto since we opened our doors becoming a licensed dealer in 1987. Buy with confidence from the nationwide leader - HIGH STYLE MOTORING. SSR Lazer 5 mopeds are cheap in price but proven in quality and reliability and can save you hundreds of your hard earned dollars in fuel and insurance savings alone.

These babies are loaded with lots of extras including tons of chrome and custom graphics.

Being fuel efficient and saving gas is what these street legal 49cc mopeds and California legal 49cc Mopeds are all about and we have some of the lowest prices in the Country since they are all on sale - RIGHT NOW.

Keep in mind that HIGH STYLE MOTORING is an authorized dealer that also has the LAZER 5 pedal mopeds in stock with the BIG BORE performance kit pre-installed and ready for immediate delivery anywhere in the country. This kit will give your pride and joy more power and performance since the piston is nearly 50% larger than stock LAZER 5. No one but you will know that you you are packing serious raw power instead of the regular moped until you fly right past them! Cheap mopeds in price but of the highest quality are the way to save big money and have fun riding all over your town or campus. Customers should check if their local City and State laws prohibit the 72cc version before purchasing.

These are CA legal and are street legal mopeds in all 50 States. DOT, EPA and CARB approved.

Cruise the beach or your college campus or simply get to the market and back with one of these street legal mopeds while getting over 100+ MPG and finding easy parking anywhere you travel!

Additionally, these are true money saving machines because they are incredibly fuel efficient and require no insurance in most states. Many states may not require any licensing or registration may be free.

Some residents in States such as South Carolina are experiencing the unfortunate circumstances of having a DUI or DWI ( driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated ) might want to check with their State Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV to see if they may legally operate a 49cc Moped while their license is either suspended or revoked since this is a legal and viable alternative means of transportation.

Because the rules of the road and State laws regarding the proper use and licensing of pedal mopeds are revised every now and then, it is a good idea to check the current requirements by visiting your States' DMV web page for the most up to date regulations.So start saving some serious cash and come down and pick yours up or call us between 10a.m. and 6p.m. P.S.T. and order yours today! (562) 945-8361. Our free shipping offer expires at the end of this month so take advantage of this special offer right now!


  • Engine Type 49cc, 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled    
  • Bore And Stroke 39mm x 41.4mm    
  • Compression Ratio 10 : 1    
  • Carburetor 16mm    
  • Max Output 1 hp @ 8000 rpm   
  •  Ignition CDI    
  • Start Mode Electric Start / Pedal Start    
  • Transmission Automatic     CHASSIS    
  • Front Brake Disc   
  •  Rear Brake Drum   
  •  Front Wheel / Tire Aluminum Alloy / 2.25-17    
  • Rear Wheel / Tire Aluminum Alloy / 2.50-17     DIMENSIONS      
  • Wheelbase 47 inches    
  • Seat Height 31 inches   
  •  Ground Clearance 4.7 inches    
  • Fuel Tank 0.74 gallons   
  •  Battery 12V-4AH    
  • Weight 168 pounds    
  • Weight Capacity 330 pounds    
  • L x W x H 72 x 30 x 42 inches
  • Colors Black, Silver, Red